Intrigue scenes

Collaboration of Platino with half-opaque stockings, 40 den, in black colour for a fashion publishing company where it is narrowed a spy history, for the Sunday supplement of EL PAIS dated 12th January 2014.


Very opaque pantyhose and fancies fishnet pantyhose of Platino are the proposals for matching with different styles that the magazine CLARA is proposing for its edition of February 2014.

AVENUE nº 39

Collaboration in the report “Midnight Sparkles of L’Oréal Paris” for the prestigious fashion magazine Avenue Illustrated for its edition in Spain, for September and October 2013 with socks in black colour.


Appearance in the branch “FASHION” with fine pantyhose in black colour, matching as well with a sequin skirt as well with an asymmetric zip skirt, in the magazine MIA of November edition.


Fashion Editorial for the magazine Avenue illustrated, edition China, with brands of glamour at worldwide scale. A fishnet pantyhose and an other with polka dots are those selected for this trend report.  


Editorial for HORSE MAGAZINE, Winter 13-14 Trend with an elegant wardrobe of first international brands in the Soho district of  NY. Platino with opaque pantyhose.


Fashion editorial in which the orange and black colour are protagonists on a very elegant way, suits, jacket and coats, with very opaque black pantyhose.

La Vanguardia y Medias Platino


Report of the month of November 2013 for IN COVER, very young and cool in which Platino is bringing its point with lace stockings in light colour.

Luz Casal

Luz Casal is wearing opaque pantyhose of 70 deniers in black colour of Platino for a report in the Sunday Supplement MUJER HOY dated 16th of November 2013.


Editorial in which it is shown a way of being dressed for the celebrations with refinement but without ostentation, Platino with thick leggings is part of this wardrobe and with fine pantyhose in black colour helps to get this point of relaxed elegance. For the magazine JOYCE, January 2014, for its editorial “Carpe Noctem”.